Sullivan Heights Secondary School

School and theatre combined resulting in a popular public facility

Incorporated in the design of Sullivan Heights Secondary School is the Sullivan Theatre. This innovative project combines the school, housing 1,300 students, and a 1,100 seat fully equipped performing arts public theatre operated by the school district.  This Theatre, with fly tower, a full range of in-house facilities and seating, is used both by the school and as a full-fledged theatre for the community.

The partnership between the school board and municipal government has proven to be very successful, with theatre bookings extending over two years. The theatre has received highly favourable reviews from performers and audiences alike for its acoustic performance. The school design itself is a variation on the stock plan for secondary schools developed for the Five “Generation” Secondary Schools project.

This project received a Council of Educational Facility Planners International (CEFPI) Pinnacle Award for Outstanding School Design Excellence.

This project was delivered by Grant + Sinclair Architects Ltd., a wholly-owned entity of Omicron.

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