April 6, 2017


A Better Way: 5 benefits of Omicron’s integrated approach

In 1998, Omicron was founded with one question in mind: How can we work in a more integrated way to create a better experience for our clients? The answer was to build an organization where real estate strategists, architects, interior designers, engineers and builders could work together under one roof.

Since then, we have used this delivery model to gain strategic advantage over single discipline firms. With 70% of repeat business, we know it works. This is why:

  1. SINGLE POINT OF CONTACT. With a dedicated representative for your project, we free up your time to focus on the big picture, so we can manage the process. A single point of contact ensures project continuity and understanding, and eliminates the administrative burden of managing multiple consultants.
  2. MAXIMIZED EFFICIENCY. You will benefit from the efficiencies of using a fully integrated firm with in-house professionals at your fingertips. Architects walk across the room to ask engineers for input. Interior designers review specs with maintenance professionals to see issues from every angle. With everyone working side-by-side, we learn from each other and move projects forward efficiently and effectively.
  3. ADDED VALUE. You will benefit from our in-house resources and collaborative processes as we navigate through your real estate decisions. By combining the insights and experience of the design and construction team, we ensure cost effective design, increased quality, time and cost savings, early knowledge of firm costs, risk management and minimized planning time and expense.
  4. INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS. Whether you are assessing your needs or building anew, relocating or downsizing, reorganizing or rebranding, there can be unforeseen obstacles. We are driven by collaboration to provide you with the best solutions and guide you through your real estate decisions.
  5. UNIFIED VISION. As an integrated firm, we already think like you: we operate in a project’s best interest, focusing on the outcome in the most cost effective manner. We are champions for your project, and our mission is to create a better experience throughout every step of the process.

Omicron has partnered with BC Hydro since 2008… Fulfilling the role of Architectural / Engineering Designer and Construction Manager, Omicron successfully completed building projects on schedule, under budget, and to the complete satisfaction of the clients.

– Bashar Amer, M.Sc., PMP, Manager, Building Development, BC Hydro (2013)