May 8, 2019


April House Heroes at Ronald McDonald House

Throughout April, we were proud House Heroes at the Ronald McDonald House. The Ronald McDonald House provides accommodation for families with sick children when they must travel for treatment in Vancouver from locations throughout BC and the Yukon. It offers a sense of community and allows families to stay together when they need it most.

As a House Hero, we participated in events and activities to support the 73 families who are currently residing at the House. We hosted a Family Dinner consisting of a stir-fry buffet followed by homemade desserts, facilitated the annual Easter Egg Hunt with fun games and treats, and wrapped up the month with a birthday party for the April babies. We sure tested our skills working together in a different environment other than the office! We had a Senior Director chop enough onions to feed a small town and a Senior Estimator shape dough into cookies big enough to be confused with scones! It was not only a great experience helping those in need but also investing quality time into building relationships within our team.

To “Be Involved” is one of our Guiding Principles and this initiative proved to be one of the most meaningful, hands-on volunteer opportunities we have been a part of, with over 45 employees participating. It was truly rewarding to receive feedback from the families and we are honoured to give back to the community in such an amazing way.