June 24, 2019


International Women in Engineering Day

In celebration of International Women in Engineering Day, we’d like to introduce you to a few of the women within the engineering department at Omicron.

Teresa Paqueo, B.A.Sc., P.Eng.
Manager, Electrical
We sat down with Teresa to discover what she finds most rewarding in her role: “It has to be when I see the team come together to help one another. It’s so important to know that when a team member is working towards a deadline, we’re able to pause what we are working on to ensure that person has the assistance they require. Something else that I really value is our impromptu technical conversations that occur almost everyday. We turn around to discuss the challenges we’re facing and help each other solve it.” Outside of the office, Teresa loves spending quality time with friends and family – and is looking forward to becoming a family of three this October!

Lynsey Rafferty, B.Eng. (Hons.), P.Eng.
Mechanical Engineer
Lyndsey graduated in Environmental Engineering from the University of Strathclyde in 2002. She worked in both Glasgow and London before relocating to Vancouver in 2009. A few years after her obtaining her P.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering in 2013, she began working at Omicron. One piece of advice that Lynsey has for women just starting out in their career is to have a plan. Once you’ve received your degree, start thinking about where you want to be and the direction you want to take. Continuing to learn and explore is important for your growth and allows you to broaden your network. On the weekends, you’ll find Lynsey out and about with her husband and two young boys, who are very excited about their new backyard inflatable water slide!

Catherine Reimer, EIT, LEED AP BD+C
Construction Manager
Catherine comes from a long line of engineers: her great grandfather, grandfather, and father having worked in the industry. When asked what her strategy is for navigating the engineering world as a woman, she states: “to simply overlook the imbalance. People, both men and women, have unconscious biases. It’s just something to work around, if not past.” Catherine views her attention to detail as well as the ability to effectively communicate, build and maintain relationships as the most important skills that she brings to her career. Currently, most of her free time is spent in the garden. This is the first year that she’s attempted a vegetable garden and it’s been wildly successful!