Photo of Our Story


Omicron is founded, providing architecture, engineering, and construction services


CEO, Bill Tucker, joins Omicron


Omicron Vancouver expands to include interior design services, acquiring Officeworks


Omicron expands into Calgary. Named one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies for the first time


Omicron expands services to include real estate development


Omicron expands, opening an office in Victoria


Omicron Vancouver office expands, acquiring Grant and Sinclair Architects Ltd.


20th Anniversary – with over 8,500 projects, we are one of the largest integrated development, design, and construction firms in Western Canada


Nexii, a green technology construction company, acquires Omicron

We’re proud of what we do.

At Omicron, we love to design, build, and deliver exceptional projects. And since that fateful dinner in the late 90s, we’ve grown and evolved this business we love. Today, we are an industry leader and one of the largest integrated development, design and construction firms in Western Canada. The environmental impact of our business is important to us, so we started collaborating with Nexii on sustainable building solutions. We took that collaboration one step further in July 2021, when Nexii acquired Omicron.